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Curious about ultramarathons trail running?

Its a lot more fun off the beaten track.

Welcome to Sole2Soul Running, Leicestershire's dedicated ultramarathon  trail running event company.

We are a professional team with experienced led runners and full support staff ensuring you are happy and well looked after.

Sole2Soul ultramarathons start in Leicestershire's beautiful countryside, are all a minimum of 54km and are ran over a variety of challenging courses and terrain.


Our main race is the Leicestershire Round course which run's through stunning scenery and famous landmarks. 

The Leicestershire round is a series of three ultramarathons which completes the full 100 mile route.

At the end of each race when finished you will be rewarded with a Sole2Soul running medal, tech t-shirt and not forgetting a home cooked meal.

As you go through the route there will be check points which will provide you with light refreshments.

Nadja - Race Organiser


 My name is Nadja and I’m the race organiser for Sole2Soul running events. Specialising in the Leicestershire's  ultramarathon event's. 

I’ve been running for a number of years ... it was my husband Steve that gave me a nudge to start running . Firstly, on the road and then I found a love for trail running - there is such a free feeling about this type of running . I love being around nature, breathing in pure fresh air and challenging myself over different terrain. You can find out more about me on my blog page as to why I took the step to start running and what had spurred me onto organising and being part of the Leicestershire and Rutland Round ultra marathon events.

I personally wish each and everyone one of you that takes part in Sole2Soul races the best of luck in preparing and being part of such enjoyable running events that you will be sure to remember . 

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Steve - Route Runner

running runner ultra marathon Leicester

 My name is Steve, route planner of Sole2Soul.

I’m an avid and very enthusiastic trail runner! 

It all started for me back in 2013 when I decided to do the Coventry half marathon for charity and after completing numerous half marathons/marathons I got into OCR (obstacle running) and whilst I loved the races I quickly worked out that I loved the off road running side of it but not the obstacles as much so my love for the trails was born and I’ve never looked back. There is an amazing landscape out there to be discovered, let’s go and discover together.

I live in Leicestershire in the Midlands and love the countryside around here .... a couple of miles out my front door and I’m running through fields, forests and up hills. I’ve met some courageous and talent runners on my journey, made new friends and experienced some very tough terrain. I decided to set up Sole2Soul with my wife Nadja.

I wish all runners preparing and taking part in Sole2Soul ultramarathons the best of luck and enjoy the whole experience .
See you at the next race!

kim - race organiser

running woman, ultra marathon

Hi, I’m Kim, a race organiser for Sole2Soul Running.

I started running in 2008 when I threw on an old pair of Nike Air Max and followed a trail near my house. Many miles later and I am in love with the escapism and sense of achievement pounding the pavement or hitting the trail brings.

I’ve run a lot of marathons and completed ultras up to 100K, but I hope to challenge myself to 100 miles next.

I love encouraging people to chase down their goals, so if you are thinking about taking part in a Sole2Soul event get in touch and I’ll see you on the start line.

paul - race organiser/assistant to the race director

running man, ultra marathon

 Hi, I’m Paul, a race organiser for Sole2Soul Running.

My running journey started back in 2010 after spectating my wife run in multiple marathons. I was inspired watching everybody coming over the finish line. 

Never judge a runner....

I’m a member of a local running club and we enjoy a post race beer and curry almost as much as the run. I run all disciplines from 5K to Marathons, and have set myself a target to complete the Abbotts Marathon Majors.

I love encouraging people to start running and watching them go from strength to strength. 

Good luck to all runners taking part in Sole2Soul ultramarathons.

Approved by the Trail Running Association

Sole2soul Running's races are approved by the TRA

We are pleased to confirm that our race's are ran under UK athletics rules and are approved by the Trail Running Association (TRA).


The TRA promotes and encourages participation in the athletic discipline of Trail Running throughout the United Kingdom and provides guidance and facilities for organisers of trail races.

The TRA is an associate member of UK Athletics (UKA). The TRA supports UKA in the management and regulation of trail running, and through this association with UKA, the TRA is able to issue permits to race organisers on behalf of UKA.