Leicestershire Footpath Association History

In 1987 members of the Leicestershire Footpath Association devised a walk of 100 miles to mark the century of the LFA and they called it the "Leicestershire Round" linking field paths, bridal ways and green areas. The route visits some of the most loved locations around the county including Burbage Common, Foxton Locks, Bosworth Battlefield, Charnwood Forest, Iron Age Fort and Borough Hill. Also visiting various countryside and passing through parts of the National Forest. The round is the county's main long-distance footpath and a flagship for the local rights of way network. The full route is way marked and you can purchase a book which describes the route. The route is shown as a recreational route on the Ordnance Survey maps, distinctive way marking is carried out by the LFA wardens.

If you decide to take part in all 3 races throughout the year which will see you complete the full 100 mile route then you will be given the LFA cloth badge (there will be no charge for this) The Leicestershire Round book is also available to purchase at a cost of £12.00. Please email us at if you would like to order a copy. 

This will then be available for you to collect at the end of your race.